Why Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

Why Your Genes Are Not Your Fate

Most of us assume whatever code our genes are broadcasting to our bodies determines our life’s fate, at least from a health standpoint. Today, we’re going to explain why that’s not so…

Admittedly, this belief is understandable. All of us have known or heard about the fitness fanatic who is seemingly rewarded with a heart attack at 35, despite a strict diet and weekly workouts. We’ve also noticed individuals who appear almost indestructible, enjoying a long and happy life despite a steady smoking habit and a distinct taste for all the wrong foods.

This has the effect of making your health, fitness and longevity seem to be a matter of random chance. At times, it can seem we’re all seated around an enormous blackjack table and being dealt our individual hand. We’re then forced to play those cards again and again, knowing all the while we’re facing “Vegas Odds”.

These days, nothing could be further from the truth…

A Genetic Discovery

For well over 50 years, scientists all over the world have been actively examining DNA and genetics. With the human genome successfully mapped over 15 years ago, research has only been accelerating, and it’s begun to yield a wealth of information and discovery. Now, we’re able to start drawing many practical conclusions.

One discovery is while we all have a mixture of so-called “good” and “bad” genetic traits – and it’s really more like “potentially advantageous” and “potentially disadvantageous” traits. The reality is virtually no genetic message is etched in stone. A newer branch of genetic research known as epigenetics is showing just how much control we might have.

Our genes are not static programs that are merely played out over the course of our lives. Quite the contrary.

Your genes are highly interactive and responsive to signals from your organs, your brain, and even your muscles. Those signals are produced by your interactions with the world, and the stimulus that interaction delivers…

By taking the right actions, it is possible to maximize your genetic potential.

Play Your Hand Right

Rephrased, and going back to that blackjack table: it’s now possible to anticipate those cards you’re dealt. To a considerable extent, you’re able to stack the deck in your favor.

You can reach your full potential, and truly become your best you...

Remember: while DNA determines potential vulnerabilities, it is fundamentally factors related to lifestyle – the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the various substances we are exposed to – that can establish whether or not desirable or undesirable genetic traits express themselves or not. All that’s needed is the knowledge of what those potential vulnerabilities are…

By now, most of us are familiar with the process of genetic testing and its availability. Hopefully, it’s also apparent in terms of your health, as one of the clearest ways in which knowledge can become power.

A San Francisco-based company, Vitagene, seems to offer the most comprehensive service among the available options today. For instance, customers are able to receive detailed information on their genetic markers and metabolic characteristics through their genetic testing service. In addition, the company includes personalized recommendations on diet, exercise and supplementation – and an ancestry report.

The availability of genetic testing as fundamental, scientifically-based knowledge is only the beginning.

What Else Is Possible?

With the advent of customized nutrition and supplements along with an understanding of productive exercise, you can now enter a new world of possibilities with personalized health. Beyond preventative medicine, you can reach your full potential, and truly become your best you…

Hopefully what you’ve read today has given you a profound sense of empowerment. Your genes are not your fate.

Go forth, learn more, and explore the possibilities. You’ll find out just how good you can look and feel today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life!

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