11 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

11 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Although many may laugh, let’s start with this statement concerning weight loss:

          Losing weight is easy.

As absurd as it sounds, however, those who’ve had their Ups and Downs (so to speak) in the weight loss game will recognize the truth here…
Losing weight actually is pretty easy. It’s losing it permanently, that’s hard.

If you’re on a mission to trim, tighten, and tone – the RIGHT way – then this post is a must read. For your success, please take the following 11 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss to heart:

#1: Put It (All) In Writing

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. For beginners (and beyond), your ability to reach your goals is a direct result of your willingness to keep track of your food intake – this means both the naughty and the nice.


Being serious about fat loss means making note of everything you consume and aligning it with your daily requirements for fat, protein and carbohydrates. It may take some time, but before long you will strike that balance, and set that stride!

#2: Power Breakfast = Power Day

Possibly the most fundamental eating tip out there – to be at your best, you’ve got to make your first meal of the day count!


The best way to do this is to treat yourself to a Power Breakfast: protein-packed, and with a fair amount of healthy fats. Save the carbohydrates for later in the day.


This slow-but-steady rise in blood sugar keeps you full, focused and feeling good all morning. You’ll easily make it to lunch with zero temptation from that mid-morning doughnut!

#3: Avoid Hunger

Many First-Time Dieters will drastically cut their food intake, basically fasting until they can’t stand it any longer. Unfortunately, once they do cut loose, many poor choices are made as a result of all that hunger…

Don’t let that be you. Instead, feed yourself slender by keeping healthy snacks (high protein, high fiber, medium fat and low carb) within easy reach – after all, if you’re never hungry, you’re never tempted to cheat on your diet!

#4: Post-Workout Feeding, not Feasting

When trimming down, it’s wise to make sure you feed your muscles, but continue to starve your fat – even after having the proverbial Killer Workout. As much as you conquered at the gym during your session, the reality is you probably didn’t burn quite as many calories as you think.

To avoid overeating post-workout, grab a bite immediately after, but take care to make it a smaller bite: an ideal choice would be a tasty Protein Shake containing all the nutrients you need. After that, simply wait a while before your next meal.

Practiced weekly, this nutritional nudge will have you looking your best in no time!

#5: There's No Place Like Home

This is a simple-yet-potentially-tough one. Your favorite restaurant(s) may be calling your name during this journey, but don’t listen!

When it comes to successful weight loss, there is NO substitute for knowing exactly what you’re getting from your daily eating. By preparing your own meals at home, you’ll be taking full control and sidestepping a ridiculous variety of pitfalls that can occur when eating out.

You'll be more alert at work, and the pounds will keep dropping. It's a Win-Win!

#6: Hit That Hay

Your body has two options for feeling energetic: more food or more rest…

To get in shape successfully, which do you think is the better choice most of the time?

Getting to bed on time goes far further than just helping you avoid late-night snacking, and when it’s lacking, there are consequences. Getting a decent night’s sleep is the one thing you can do that will help make everything else better. For the sake of both your form AND your function, hit that hay!

#7: Weigh Weekly

It’s a topic of some debate, and not everyone likes the idea of jumping on the scale. On the other hand, if you don’t weigh yourself, you may not recognize your results.

The ideal way to split the difference here is with weekly weigh-ins. This is infrequent enough for progress to take place, yet often enough to be able to make corrections as needed.

This is very closely related to Point #1 above – just as you should count your daily calories, so should you periodically weigh in…

After all, if you can measure it, you can improve it!

#8: Feed The Fire

Put bluntly: your time in the gym is not meant to be a walk in the park…

Once you’ve got a hold of the basics of exercise, push your body to its real potential!

To burn more calories, focus on total-body workouts that have you working with respectable weights, and plenty of movement. Rest yourself just enough for the next round.

This style of training is tough but lets your body know you mean business. The weight loss results and rewards you reap from this Tough Love make it all worthwhile!

#9: Move Now And Move More

As important as maintaining a consistent and challenging exercise program is for your success, it’s just as important not to neglect the potential for calorie-burning outside the gym. Every little bit counts, and these little doses of activity on a weekly basis can really add up.

No need for elaborate “Office Workouts” here. Instead, simply work in some 15-minute windows throughout your day for a brisk walk to boost your heart rate and clear your head.

You’ll be more alert at work, and the pounds will keep dropping. It’s a Win-Win!

#10: Take Up Drinking...Water.

A successful fat-loss program is – let’s face it – an effort. Do yourself a favor by doing what’s natural with effort, and quench your thirst with plenty of cool, clear water…

To support your workouts, help eliminate hunger, and promote general health, there’s no single step that works better. Pass the bottle!

#11: Don't. Give. Up.

This one comes last for a reason. As obvious as it may seem that you have to keep at this thing to succeed, simply not sticking to the program is also the number one reason so many fail…

Instead, commit yourself today to being one of those few who succeed with weight loss. Realize there’s a reason you’re reading this, and that it’s reason enough to not only draw up a plan using the points above, but to stick to it…

You’ll be glad you did, and so will the fitter, leaner self that’s waiting for you!

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